Lift Sleep Chairs in Boynton Beach

Lift sleeper chairs provide users the best of all worlds — being able to sit up straight watching TV during the day, relax in a lounging position reading, or lay it flat when you’re sleeping. At Comfort Mobility, we strive to provide a range of products that are a solution to your mobility needs.

In a resting position, there are a variety of benefits of sleeper chairs that help provide the support you need, including neck and back support, helps you breathe easier, and relieving muscle soreness and fatigue. When in a sleeping position, having your legs elevated above the heart can help improve blood circulation. When you choose a lift sleep chair with heat therapy, this can provide relief from muscle tension as well.

When it comes time to get up from the chair, the powerful motor will transition you from a seated or lying position and effortlessly help you up and out of the chair. Sleeper chairs are also controlled by remote, so there’s no need to reach for and pull a lever. You’ll also get the support and assistance you need to sit down in the chair.

When you work with Comfort Mobility, we will do our best to ensure that we find a solution for your needs, whatever they may be. Visit our Boynton Beach location today and we’ll show you our selection of lift sleeper chairs.